In 2003 Honda began replacing the 4 cylinder timing belts with timing chains.  These were phased in, so you might want to check to see if your 2003 has a belt or a chain.

The​ following chart includes pricing for whichever timing belt job your vehicle requires.  We have all seen the awesome honda that is due for its' second timing belt -- and sometimes THIRD!!!  Keeping this in mind, we evaluate the condition of every component your timing belt touches.  For instance:

  • the timing belt tensioner is critical to the timing belt in that it keeps tension on the belt. The tensioner has to be removed to do the job.  At 105,000 miles, we have NEVER seen a tensioner that was not in some stage of failure.  To replace this unit with a new part is 100% labor overlap AND it ensures the integrity of the belt.  You pay for the part only.

  • one of the motor mounts has to be removed to replace your timing belt.  how does this mount look?  is it cracking or showing signs of failure? if so, this is 100% labor overlap and costs you the price of the mount itself.  doing it with the job saves you money and time -- you know it will fail at the worst possible time for you.  You pay for the part only.

  • the timing belt idler roller and the timing belt tensioner roller are the last 2 parts that guide your timing belt.  They have to be removed to do the job.  If either of them feels unsmooth or suspect at all, we will recommend replacing those also.  This is 100% labor overlap and ensures the longevity of your timing belt.  You pay for the part only.

Below the chart are images that ilustrate every component described herein.  Here at Mill Creek, our family serves your family.  We WANT you to get the most out of every repair and maintenance item performed.  We will not overlook something so that we can tell you to reschedule that repair, which involves us doing the same labor again just to charge you more money.  We do not fly like that, and we don't want you flying like that either!!

​If you do not see your vehicle listed, please contact the shop for an estimate.